We began delivery to foreign country.


If you want to delivery to the foreign countries, please confirm contents of this page.




・Contacting and ordering is only supported by Japanese language.


・Delivery cost calculation is not an order total. It is calculated with number of the products.


・Way of payment is only bank transfer.


※You cannot use credit card and cash on delivery.


・When you remit, an incoming remittance comimission is needed separately.


・Delivery of the products is using international parcel post.


・When you received the products, there is the possibility you need payment to tariff.


・There is the area that we cannot deliver. Please underutand.


・You cannot select delivery date and delivery time zone.


・When you choose the wrong delivery cost and fee, we cannot correct it. You need to order again. Please be careful.


Country basis shipping charge list

・When you ordered over 15 products, we re-calcuate delivery cost.  Please send E-mail to our shop before order.


☆How to mail order

1. Please decide the products number, colors, size, and the number of products.


2. Please enter your information in order mail.
※Required information: ・Your name ・zip code ・shipping address ・phone number


3. Please send your order E-mail to our shop. (Send E-mail to info@tanukidou.com)


4. We will calculate your ordering products and notify you of an order total.


5. Please transfer your order amount of money to our bank account.


6. We will your products after a payment check.

☆Postage (For shipment to foreign countries. Including tax and fee) Please choose the number of products and the region of shipping address. ・Asia ・Oceania / North America / Central America / Near and middle east ・Europe ・South America / Africa

E-mail: info@tanukidou.com